In today’s tougher, tighter economy, cost efficiency is the name of the game. So what kind of value can you expect from a contribution to The Know? Short-term, there’s the immediate
gratification of turning a kid’s life around. But long-term, the benefits are even greater. When kids who would have otherwise slipped through the cracks hit the ground running as productive, contributing members of society—instead of a drain on its resources—the savings over the lifetime of that child are immeasurable.

What’s more, the can-do attitude we instill in our kids has a profound ripple effect on their entire family, their friends and community. One gift to one child in one program has consistently inspired enthusiasm, direct participation and a thirst for knowledge in many.

And, as we enter into our second decade, the children we helped over the years have in turn become mentors and role models for the next generation of Know Kids.

Along with our kids, we have grown in understanding and expertise. Today, The Know has full-time and summer programs in schools throughout the 5 boroughs, and we have plans to reach out to needy kids in outlying suburbs. We’ve gained the recognition and respect of community and city officials, from local assemblymen to the Mayor’s office. And the range of professionals we enroll is increasing daily. From lawyers, bankers, engineers and computer experts to costume designers, graphic artists and chefs, we will continue to add to our distinguished roster whenever a child with a dream needs bolstering.

But it takes support to keep supporting kids. In addition to contributions of time, talent and apprenticeships, The Know also needs money. With city budgets being cut, your generosity will be appreciated more than ever. So why not contact Executive Director, Margaret Hunnewell soon? And help us close another big gap: The one between what we want to accomplish and what we can afford to do.