Outreach and Outcomes

The Knowledge Project in partnership with the Writers Guild of America and other organizations presents its premier I Write NY campaign.

Knowledge is Power. Strong communication moves the modern world.
The Knowledge Project develops strong student voices through the I Write New York initiative. Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of writers, journalists, and communicators, and to raise the bar in writing for all participants.
We guide young people to find and express their unique voice and improve their learning communication skills across domains:

  1. In support of educational mandates and curriculum maps, students will strengthen their skills in writing, revision, vocabulary, and mechanics and core competencies for ELA and across the curriculum, facilitated by trained writing mentors who are professional writers.
  2. Social-emotional skills, such as building confidence and pride, working collaboratively and respectfully, are woven into all sessions.
  3.  I Write NY is presented to schools at NO cost. However, we charge for Evaluations Professional Development and production costs and supplies.
  4. We focus on improving literacy and writing for lifetime achievement. The benefits of powerful self-expression through writing and communication are many, and help students reach and realize their potential.
  5. The goal of THIS writing campaign is to lift students’ gaze from what they see around them, to a greater vision and experience, as players in the New York story they create. We provide a broad audience and public recognition for their work. The outcome is a treasure trove of exceptional and accessible writing by young people about their communities.