I Write NY Challenge


The Know in partnership with the Writers Guild of America East is looking for talented young writers – middle and high school age.
If your story is selected, you and a small group of other, talented young writers will have the opportunity to be mentored over two months by one or more accomplished and published Writers. Your best writing will be published. You will be celebrated and your school will be acknowledged!! There are three chances over the next year to submit one story or three different stories.

  • Write as many words as you like to tell your story.
  • You must submit three things:
    1. A hand-written draft (this can be a photo or scanned image or PDF), 2. A final draft of the story (acceptable formats are: PDF, Microsoft document or either of two made utilizing Google doc), and 3. A completed Submission Form including signed consent from a parental/guardian.
  • Optional: You may make and submit an original photo or illustration for your story.
  • Submit all your files through the website Submissions page starting January 31, 2019.
  • Deadline for uploading all story submissions is March 20, 2019, 11:59pm.


You are a New York Character 
New York is a city with “character,” and you are also a character in the city. Write a story based on something that happened to you or someone you know. Set it in a neighborhood place you know well. It can be in a bodega, café, school yard, shop or a bustling avenue, or a sports event, on a bus, in the subway, or with a friend or relative. Describe the images, smells, and sounds—the story only you can tell.
Your Story of the Future 
Imagine you are a character 20 years from now. Are you/your character still living in New York? What has changed about you, New York, and your life? Your character of the future can be you or anyone you like—a business person, shop keeper, an author, even the mayor. Write from your character’s future voice.
Know this: You can write as much as you need and all the words you want to tell the story. 
A hand-written draft must be submitted with your final, edited story with the Submission Form. You can submit through The Know website starting January 31, 2019.
Why “write” New York? 
America’s got talent. You have a voice. New York holds thousands of stories. Why not write yours?
Questions? Please contact mhunnewell@theknowledgeproject.org or call, 212-346-9933.